A note to my Cougar Singers

To my Cougar Singers (a.k.a. #SJBChoirs),
I trust you have all begun to enjoy the first days of summer with the stress of the school year now in the past. The summer respite is a necessity in education, so that we can rejuvenate our mind and body in anticipation of a new year of learning and growth.

Every year brings about change, whether its new tangible items such as clothes, books, music, or new perspectives, the view from the drivers seat of a car instead of a bus, the round tables of the cafeteria, etc. Change can be great, sometimes not so good, but sometimes bittersweet. In the past few weeks, I’ve accepted a bittersweet change. This fall, I’ve accepted a position as Director of Choirs at North Shore High School.

I’m beyond grateful for my time at SJB the past four years. I hope that I’ve inspired and instilled some fraction, great or small, of my appreciation of music in all of you. While I may have taught you for the past one, two, three, or four years, know that you have taught me. My teaching methods, were most definitely influenced by you, and I hope to spread that same joy of music in my students in future years.

But you will always be my first students, at my first teaching job. I hope that as time goes on, you keep in touch, and tell me about all of your happenings – in music and life.

Mr. Berry
a.k.a. JareBear

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